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Twelve-year-old Desadier is mocked and bullied by her family for being nappy-headed, dark skinned, and ugly. Raped by her mother’s boyfriend and subsequently ridiculed for giving sex away for free, she finds herself abandoned by the one person who should care the most – her mom. To escape the pain, she pastes her hopes and dreams into her only worldly treasure, a scrapbook. 


The story picks up twenty-three years later.  Desadier is a hardened woman whose every move is dictated by the scathing abuse she suffered as a child.  Through the use of romance, drama, and humor, Ms. Kilpatrick incorporates true events to demonstrate how society’s labels inflict lasting damage. Falsely believing her sexuality is all she has to offer, Desadier uses her allure as a weapon against the world.

A New Drama Series

Would you kidnap your neighbor’s child to save your own?

Created by Towonda Kilpatrick The series is in-development for a network  as a new American Anthology Series revolves around the drama of human trafficking and choices.For information of how to become an investors send email to



Cheesecake Boiz

Our whimsical, gleeful team returns with an uplifting and soulful musical that compares and contrasts the images, loves, and labels of an outrageous diva and an ordinary woman.  Filled with unforgettable characters who exude affection and parlay in witty dialogue, this story will enrapture audiences with its unexpected ambiguities, naughty burlesque, and bittersweet moments. We open in New Orleans at The Risqué Lounge, filled with sex hungry men, sizzling singers, and exotic dancers, all trying to make it big by landing that perfect gig.  Enter Freda Edwards, a jealous, narcissistic, superficial diva performer who is obsessed with designer labels and ridding herself of her third husband, Paul Francois, in favor of nabbing husband number four who can move her to Atlanta Georgia.  What a shock for her to discover that he is flat broke!

Damaged goods


Mama! I'm Your Child