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Who is Towonda Kilpatrick?

A tenacious and quirky woman, Towonda Kilpatrick, crosses easily between the roles of Playwright & Screenwriter. After 25 years, her catalog of original projects is rich with productions guided by her creative talents. Adept at both screenplays and live theater (comedy, drama, and musicals), Towonda also has extensive experience in concept development. A woman with such unique passion, persistence, and purpose is a woman designed for today’s profitable global market.


Towonda’s roots are soundly, embedded in Marvell, Arkansas, a rural environment filled with fascinating stories worth remembering and telling. However, Towonda is, much more influenced by the present than the past. Her personal role in ever changing current events is a constant source of inspiration, and audiences are sure to see themselves in her work. She began her college studies at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. After the first semester, she transferred to Nancy Bounds School of the Arts in Omaha, Nebraska. From there, she went on to do runway modeling in Milan, Italy. Afterwards, she returned to the United States and settled for a time in Lubbock, Texas.


Texas was a launching pad for Towonda’s early creative successes. She produced the first professional fashion show at Reese Air Force Base, an event that enriched the entire community. Next, Towonda spent two years as the Tour Director of Reese Air Force Base Morale Welfare Recreation and promoted the first Lubbock urban concert, featuring the incomparable MC Hammer, as well as producing musical tours outside of Lubbock. Utilizing her professional experience as a model, Towonda was, hired by the Barbizon Modeling School in Dallas, Texas to train local girls in their satellite classes. A year later, she opened LeMode Modeling School where she trained models and produced her own fashion shows.


Productions of Towonda Kilpatrick’s work include: National Tour of the Gospel Stage Play, Can a Hoochie Become First Lady. Mama, I’m Your Child, Atlanta’s Rialto Theater Production of Damaged Goods; and Atlanta’s 14th Street Playhouse Production of CheezeCake Boiz & the Diva. Currently, Towonda has four television series and a feature film in development, which are all pending greenlights.